The boy’s grandpa went to the Dundee, Mich., restaurant to pick up his burger, then discovered that fries weren’t the only item it came with on the side.

Dundee Police Chief David Uhl said the pipe was full, too:

“He handed the kid‘s meal that he had gotten at Burger King to his 4-year-old grandson & when they opened it up they found a loaded marijuana pipe.”

The boy’s parents were “on top of it,” he said, & removed the piece, which a 23-year-old earlier while he was at work.

It was then inadvertently filled with food & given to the young customer, & the employee was charged with drug & paraphernalia possession.

This gets stranger still. After making the discovery, grandfather noted a “suspicious” car in the parking lot & wrote down the license plate number.

The kids in the car, 18 & 20, turned out to be friends of the BK employee who attempted to warn him when cops were called in to handle the matter.

They were arrested & charged with drug possession as well.

Burger King said in a statement: “This Burger King restaurant is owned & operated by a franchisee who enforces a zero-tolerance drug policy.”

“The franchise management team is cooperating fully with [police]. BK & the franchisee extend a sincere apology to the guests involved in this incident.”

Silver lining for BK? They’re far from alone in this regard:

  • A Wendy’s employee was seen .
  • A Taco employee was photographed .
  • Golden Corral .
  • went on a racist rant against Dunkin Donuts employees after not receiving … check that, DD actually handled that one well.

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