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Jobless wannabe lawyer loses legal fight against her law school

An unhappy law graduate has been beat in her long-running, well-publicized legal battle versus her former law school dashing the hopes of paralegals all over.

The extraordinary legal obstacle ended last week when the aspiring lawyer`s claim was dismissed by a jury in California by a bulk of 9-3.

The claim brought by Anna Alaburda was the first of its kind to reach the courtroom. Despite finishing top of her class and with $150,000 (105,000) worth of financial obligation the unhappy 37 year-old cannot discover full-time work as a lawyer after nearly a decade of searching.


The class of 2008 graduate took legal action against the California-based Thomas Jefferson School of Law, asserting that the school s post-grad work statistics were deceptive. She likewise competed that she would not have actually enrolled at the law school had she understood this was the case.

A strong claim however, regrettably for Alaburda, the court simply wasn`t convinced.

Lawyer Michael Sullivan, acting for Thomas Jefferson, did go as far as to acknowledge isolated errors and clerical mistakes in the law school s data collection, however discussed that there was no proof that the school lied.

In the midst of American presidential race hysteria even Sullivan couldn`t help using the case as a chance to take a dig at questionable Republican and all round hate figure Donald Trump.

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